VetCling - Multi Purpose Film Wrap

So many uses you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


Vetcling is a versatile film wrap especially manufactured for veterinary and first aid purposes but has proved to have a multitude of other uses in the stable yard.

• Sticks to itself and not to the horse
• No adhesive residue
• Easy to remove
• Waterproof and lightweight
• Withstands wide variations in temperature
• Thicker and stronger than conventional film wraps
• Tearable – no scissors required
• 100mm x 50m
• Made in Europe
• Fully recyclable


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“Farriercling is of an outstandingly superior quality to any other film wrap I have used, it is easy to apply, it does not snap off or tear when being used and it is durable – I cannot recommend it more”

Jim Blurton, Lead farrier 2012 & 2016 Olympics

“Thrilled with the product. I love the fact that it’s transparent so I can see what I’m working with. It’s super strong and so easy to use. I’m converted and will always have some in the back of the van”
Martin Simmonds
Dip. WCF

Martin Simmonds, Dip. WCF

“we use it for mares that have come in for foaling, we bandage the tails to keep them clean and out of the way. They are so easy to use, and easy to dispose of afterwards, it saves on the cost and time of washing. We also use for travelling, to keep show horses clean. We wrap the full length of the tail to make sure they come off the lorry looking immaculate!”

Jerome Harforth, owner of Stanley Grange Stud

“I really like using VetCling for the studwork that we do. It’s really useful. It keeps the tail out of the way, keeps it clean, its very cost effective as you only use a small amount and works out a lot cheaper than alternatives we have used”

Alison Walters BVSc MRCVS Hambleton Vets