a versatile product to help around the garden


that stretchy stuff is handy to keep in your shed or toolbox.

For outdoor and garden jobs to make life easier. It can be used as a general purpose wrap, and it’s lack of adhesive make it very easy to remove after use. It can be used to bind damaged trees and shrubs to help them heal and regrow. It can also be used to hold together items like garden canes for storage. When moving trees and shrubs, it can be used to hold branches together.

It can be used as a binding for garden hoses or tool handles. When stretched and twisted it becomes a strong twine which can also be used to tie or bind items. Green, brown or black wrap are nice neutral colours available to blend in with your garden.

Try that stretchy stuff and let us know what you use it for!

Great for wrapping:
  • Wrap leaking hose pipes
  • Bind canes for runner beans and flowers
  • Cover wooden handles for extra grip and to prevent splinters
  • Hold branches together when moving shrubs or trees
  • Pull and twist to make a useful twine for tying objects

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