No tackbox should be without a roll of VetCling

Our equestrian product testers have amazed by the versatility of this product. It is so handy and can be easily kept in a tack box, grooming kit, glove compartment or pocket. It is light and compact but can be pulled out when required for a wide range of uses from  First Aid, grooming  to general quick fix yard repairs.

It can be used for wrapping tails( over tail bandage) to keep clean for showing,  for poulticing  and to wrap plain jump poles to make coloured obstacles which can be changed easily and with no hassle. So much easier than painting poles! It has even been used to put around the top of  tails to warn that a horse is young or may kick ( green and red respectively)

Great for wrapping:
  • Poulticing
  • Waterproofing bandages
  • Sweating legs
  • Securing ice packs
  • Wrapping tails (over the tail bandage) for travelling
  • First Aid protect burns and cuts until treatment
  • Jump Poles and Wings

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