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Vetcling is a brilliant product with many diverse uses. Within the clinic we use it for mare scans, rectal examinations and for wrapping tails for any injections. It is a very quick and easy to use and it is self-adhesive, which prevents any movement or bunching up. Also, because it is a light material it does not over tighten which is a downfall to previous products used. Not only is this product easy to apply but it is also very easy to remove in one swift manoeuvre. We have found that VetCling is a lot more cost effective in comparison to many other tail wraps we have used in the past.

As many vets/vet nurses will understand it is important not to get the bandage damp or wet. Being an equine hospital many of the horses that stay for treatment are walked out to the grass area. This is when Vetcling comes in handy as we can quickly wrap it around the bandage to give it a waterproof covering. We could not recommend VetCling more!

Hambleton Equine Clinic


We used Vetcling (along with little zip bags) to help waterproof the accelerometers in our latest water treadmill trial, Vetcling was really useful as we felt it did not restrict movement, easy to attach/ remove but held in place even with drag of water on lower limbs.

Our yard team also praised it for poulticing feet, commenting that it was durable and easy to applied for this purpose and would use it again.


Rebecca Brassington BSc (Hons) PGDip.MCAM PGCE SFHEA
HE Equine Programme Leader
Course Manager BSc (Hons) Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation


To keep show horses clean we wrap the full length of the tail (over the tail bandage) to make sure they come off the lorry looking immaculate!

Jerome Harforth
Stanley Grange Stud


In less than 15 minutes we transformed our jump poles and they were ready to use straight away. I’ll never paint a pole again… just rip off the old stuff and create something else! Cheap, easy and more time for riding!

Lucy and Sophie Clarke


I really like Vetcling , it is very useful for keeping the tail out of the way and clean .It is also very cost effective as we only use a small amount, it is cheaper than conventional wraps as there is much more on the roll and it also saves washing tail bandages.

Alison Walters BVSc MRCVS


I use it wrap show jumping fence poles which need a quick facelift, it is a brilliant product so quick and easy to use- much better than painting! I also use it around the yard for general quick fix stable yard repairs, putting around the top of tails to warn that a horse is young or may kick (green and red) and much more ….It is an excellent product – No tack box should be without one!

Julia Nelson UKCC Level 3 Show Jumping

Vetcling is versatile, cost effective, fully recyclable and saves so much time in labour washing tail bandages.


Anna Holland, Stallion AI Services


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